Respect for employees, but can be used!     


"Towering trees, began seeds" in the era of knowledge economy, the most important resource of enterprises is no longer a land, capital or labor, but human resources. Talent is the core resources of the knowledge economy, the nature of competition is actually a talent wits. Create opportunities for employees is the responsibility of three trees and three trees not only care and respect every employee, meet the staff on mental and physical requirements, but also pay attention to tap the potential of employees.

High pay, high-quality, high pressure is employing three trees "three high principles." Three trees to create a realistic and progressive, fair, honest rapport, teamwork organizational climate and sustainable development of the company as a solid foundation for the realization of the commitment of the staff, and staff grow together, share success, to create a vision. Three trees to break the routine, not only academic focus on ability, not only qualification results, through the establishment of a standardized selection, employment, education, and incentive and restraint mechanisms to keep people truly can only be used, their talent, make the best use.

New passion, a new journey. Three Trees sincerely hope you can join, as long as you have the following qualities to join:

Integrity and quality

Small win in Chile, big win for Germany. Only three trees can be used to advocate more attention to moral integrity of employees, "morality first, followed by the ability to" is the basic starting point for enterprises employing. Three trees will not hire any misbehavior of people, even if the work of ability.


Three Trees respected "One Tree not a forest," the team concept, candidates can put individual ability and behavior and unify business needs, the ability to achieve the cardinal overall situation, seek common ground while reserving differences will be the focus of business one.

Development potential

Three Trees attention to the overall quality of the candidates, but also the value of its future growth potential. Build a professional team is three trees established personnel training direction, whether the candidates have development potential will be the focus of another study.   

Learning ability   

Three Trees emphasis on staff learning ability is far better than learning content, rely on their own talents and innovative ability of learning progress, and not just rely on past experience. In the three trees, strong thirst for knowledge will be the candidate to win a key ring.


Three trees with a clear set of values, corporate culture and the pursuit of excellence, whether the candidates agree and adapt, adapt to agree whether to implement lasting, this is a long-term test of the candidates or become employees after apply what they learn.